Christy Bowman -

I am Christy Bowman. I have been a quilter for 30 years. Quilting for me started by going to a yard sale and buying a Georgia Bonesteel quilt book for $1. I took that book home and looked at it over and over. I made a few quilts out of that book. And that is when the quilting bug took ahold of me. I have loved it ever since. I still have that book in my collection today. The first quilts I ever made were for my daughters Amanda and Cassandra when they were little girls. My mother taught me to sew when I was about 8 years old. I would sit at her cabinet sewing machine and play. I still have her sewing machine. My mother taught me to do a lot of crafts, including ceramics when I was 3 or 4 years old. I remember sitting at the kitchen table painting little kitties. And no, they weren't very pretty because they all had about a dozen colors on them.

I am a longarmer, completing customer quilts on my Gammill Creative Stitch longarm. I am also a designer, having designs in McCalls Quilting Magazine, Fon's and Porter Love of Quilting Magazine and RJR Fabric Company. I also work for several fabric companies making samples and testing patterns. My studio is in the middle of one of our 80 acre farms. It is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I know. It is so easy to be in my happy place quilting and creating.

I live in Alexandria, Indiana with Tim, my boyfriend of 20 years on another farm. Between us we have 5 children and 7 grandchildren.

I do have other hobbies. I have stained glass, weaving on my beautiful 40 year old loom, crocheting, embroidery and many other interest. But quilting will always be my favorite. I am so blessed to be working with such amazing and talented women in this group. We are all doing what we love. Quilting!