Cathy Goins -

I’m Cathy Goins, a quilter, sometimes garment seamstress, and fulltime grandma. I started garment sewing at a very young age (maybe 10) when my mom got a new machine and let me take the lessons that came with it.

My quilting didn’t start until about 15 years ago. I had some dear friends who were quilters, and since I didn’t want to be left out, they encouraged me to begin a quilting journey. I’ll always be thankful for their nudge. My first simple quilts were for family, particularly grandchildren. (I have now had the joy of teaching several of them to sew.) My quilting quickly expanded to more challenging designs. The color, feel and smell of fabric and how it can come together in such unique and beautiful designs is always a source of joy. I have great respect for traditional quilts, however, the more contemporary and modern tend to catch my attention, even some abstract looks!

One thing I love about quilters, everyone is so supportive and willing to help each other. I am in two guilds and learn something from each meeting. I am excited to be part of the Quilting Collective. Working with such talented and sharing individuals is a blessing.