Joel Crabtree -

Joel Crabtree, part owner of Crabtree Arts Collective, plays a vital role in the production and distribution of hundreds of quilting patterns each year. Joel is multi-talented taking part in the quilt design, graphic design, formatting and editing process on quilt patterns for clients including Gingiber, Moda Fabrics, Windham Fabrics and Minick & Simpson. He formats all quilt patterns, templates and pattern covers that leave the Crabtree Arts Collective studio.

Joel's creative journey started young with mother and Quilting Collective member Stephanie Crabtree introducing him to sewing, quilting and cross-stitch. Joel enjoyed many creative outlets including theater, singing, dancing and of course what he's most known for, piano. His creative journey in quilting started in 2014 when wife and Quilting Collective member, Natalie Crabtree, began designing quilts for various fabric companies. Joel was eager to dive in and help grow the business.

Currently Joel and Natalie operate Crabtree Arts Collective which focuses on ghost writing, design and formatting, quilt sample making and publishing quilt patterns under the Crabtree Arts Collective name. Joel formats 200+ quilt patterns a year, ranging in size and complexity. He has played an essential part in producing hundreds of patterns for sale across the country in quilt shops, for sale online and free downloads available through various fabric companies.

Much of what Joel does is behind the scenes, but occasionally he gets to design and produce quilts under his own name! You can find his design, London Lattice in the May/June 2021 issue of McCall's Quilting. His design New England Foliage was featured in the May/June 2021 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine.

Joel's future creative goals include continuing to produce quilt designs and patterns under his own name, with the ultimate goal of fabric design.