Hannah (McConnell) Northup -

When I am not running my HR Consulting business, I am a seamstress, garment maker, pattern tester and sometimes quilter. After 10 years in 4-H as a clothing champion, sewing on a Singer 6260, I decided to continue my love of all things fabric and pursue an education in Fashion Merchandising from Ball State University. Graduating in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science I started my professional career with Target Corporation in an executive role in stores. Having a knowledge of total business operations with such an incredible organization made me want to continue pursuing a career in leadership. Making other career moves including HR for the State of Indiana, a hyper-growth shared services center for Ascension, and a move to Allison Transmission continued my love for Human Resources and the people that work for the various organizations.

While pursing my professional career in HR, I still held onto the love of fabric and all things garment making. I work alongside my mother, Sherry McConnell - the leader of the pack, in making quilts as presents as well as clothing for myself and my children. You can see our lineage of great makers in Sherry's biography.

When my mother started on her path of being a pattern editor and sample maker, I knew I wanted to eventually work alongside her and continue to cherish the love of sewing she instilled in me. In late 2018, I joined the quilting collective as a sample garment maker and pattern tester for children and adults clothing and accessories.

I am fortunate to live in Indianapolis, IN with my husband Sean and our two beautiful children Graeme (pronounced Graham), who is 6, and Audrey, who is just 4. It's also nice to be just 30 minutes away from my Mom and Dad.

I am so excited that my clients include Heather Givens, of Crimson Tate, and The Children's Corner in Nashville, TN. I am always looking for more garments and garment patterns to test . Please reach out to the quilting collective email if you would like us to provide more information on our services.

Thank you,

Hannah (McConnell) Northup