Linda Lupton, owner, Around the Block Quilting

How does one jump from one career to a totally different one? After a life-time career of working in healthcare as an Audiologist, I wanted to return to my "Home Ec." roots of sewing and quilting In 2005 I bought my first used longarm machine from a friend and never looked back. Four years ago I was able to graduate to a newer, fancier Innova longarm, but still do everything hand-quided, just 'cause I like to. I've had the pleasure of sewing for many guild members (I belong to 5 quilt guilds), publishing an article here and there, teaching the occasional quilt class and longarming for 'lo these many years. Several years ago a group of us banded together, as "Sherry's Sweat Shop" to do commercial work for a number of companies. This work has challenged us to refine our skills, and professionalize ourselves into a cohesive unit with the classier title of "Quilting Collective". Throughout my quilting career my real love is loading a quilt onto the frame and letting it speak to me as to how it would like to be quilted.